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Your WebSelf subscription

To consult details regarding your registration, go to the Administration pannel and click on Your WebSelf subscription. You will be able to view registration details, to change your plan or to download your invoices.

Trial period
If you still on a trial period, you will see the Status of your website, a link will be provided to Register. For more information on the registration process, click here.

You will also find details regarding your trial, such as the creation date, when the trail will be put offline and when the trail will be deleted.

Remark: Once a trial is deleted, we can't retrieve it. You will need to register before the  deadline if you wish to keep you website.
Once you're registered

Once you are registered, you can consult the following:

1.- Your website's Status.
2.- The paid Fees.
3.- The Plan to which you are registered and the steps to change plans.

Note: If you upgrade your plan and you change your mindyou must follow certain criteria before you can go back to the original plan.

4.- Your Invoices (in PDF format) ready for download.

Change your plan
Important: If your previous payment was made by credit cardcheque or bank transfer and you wish to change your plan, you must contact us.

If your payment was made by PayPal, here are the steps to change your plan:
  • Go to and login to your PayPal account.
  • Click on My account.
  • Click on History.
  • You will find a table containing your Most recent activities.
  • Choose the Most recent WebSelf transaction, double check the Status: Done
  • Click on the link Details.
  • Click on Related information.
  • You will see the Details of your subscription. Scroll down and click on Cancel subscription.
  • You will receive an email from WebSelf (Subject: Your WebSelf website has been cancelled).
  • In this email, you will find the link Resubscribe, click on the link to choose the desired plan. If you don't receive the email, go back to Your WebSelf subscription to find the link.
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