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Website properties
In the website settings, many options are available. Here are the recommended settings :
Temporary deactivation
The Temporary deactivation function allows you to show a custom message to your visitor. This message will be displayed instead of your site for as long as the box is checked. Use this option if you wish to block the access to your website for a determined period of time.

Note: Once this option is enabled, you won't be able to log in via the Extranet link (if the link is located at the bottom of your website). You must access via the Log In button located on our website

Check the box to deactivate your website.
Once the box is checked :
  • Enter the text to be displayed. This text will replace your website.
Insertion of your site in a foreign site (FrameBreaker)

Use this function to prevent another site to intergrate yours into his.

Example: This options stops website registries from embeding your website in a ad page that is unapprouved by you.

It is recommended to keep this box checked. Uncheck it only if you allow a partner or a registry to include your website into his content.

Show the Extranet link
This option allows you to show or hide the Extranet link at the bottom of your website. Uncheck it to hide the link.

Note: Once this option is enabled, you won't be able to log in to your site via the extranet link. You must access your administration via the Log In button located on our website
Bottom link
If you are subscribed to the Enterprise or E-Shop plan, you can choose to deactivate or to replace the link displayed by default at the bottom of your site:

Check the box Use a custom bottom link to show the options :
  • Uncheck the Display a bottom link to hide the link
  • Check the Display a bottom link to show the link
  • Click on the green pencil to edit  the link

Don't forget to save your changes!

ALT attribut

Once checked, this option allows you to add a description to an image. The description of an image is quite important here are three important reasons:

  •      It will appear if there is a problem with the image
  •      It is readable by search engine robots
  •     It is readable through applications for the blind.


Note: This button is not checked by default, it is important to go to the website setting to enable it!

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