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Do you know that you can change the banner as you want without loosing your website visual ?
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Do you know that you can change your website template when you want and keeping its contents. Change of template from time to time may make your site more dynamic because your eye website is the first thing your visitors notice. By changing it, you give the impression to the people you put your website updated regularly
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Did you know that the more often you update your website, your visitors will be more confident? Indeed, a website regularly revised and updated to encourage people to visit it and proves that the webmaster knows the news related to his website! By constantly adding information, you demonstrate a real interest and in addition, it is enjoy your referencing!

Did you know that the more relevant content your website have, better it will be positioned in Search engines? In Fact, Google and the other search engines scan regulary websites to analyze their contents. More your website contains keywords, more it will be easier to find it. These keywords are founded in your websites texts!

Did you know that you can change your module visual when you want? In facte, the module appearence is customizable among 3 models offered with each templates. To know how change the visual module, click here

Did you know that you can change the elements disposition inside the module when you want ? In fact, if you go to the modules properties, you have the option to change the disposition among offered. To know how changing the elements disposition in a bloc, please click here

Did you know that you can replace most of your modules in the right or left? In Fact, by default your modules will place in the large zone of your website. If you hoover a module with your mouse, you will see above it, an option toolbar. These options include the Move tab. Highlighted arrows let you move your modules. To learn more about the modules, click here

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