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The E -Shop module is linked to the E-Shop management, accesible via the Administration pannel. Set up your payment, delivery methods, invoicing system, etc.


boutique en ligne This module will allow you to add an E-Shop to your website. With this module you can sale directly from your website.



To add an E-Shop module to your website, click the Add a module located at the editor's toolbar, then select E-Shop.

Note: Every time you go to the next tab, your changes are saved.


A window will open:


Before adding products to your E-Shop, you must enter your organisation or bussiness information:

  1. In the Name of the company field, enter the name of your organisation or bussiness.
  2. In the Address field, enter your company’s headquarters address or simply the address to which payments should be sent.
  3. From the Country drop-down list, choose your country of residence. The default Currency of your E-Shop will thus be selected. You can change it if necessary on the E-Shop settings.
  4. Click Save settings.
The E-Shop module has now been added to your site. You can add your products and categories directly in this module, or use E-Shop management located at the Administration pannel.

  • To add a category, click on New Category.
  • Once you have added categories, to rename, move or delete a category use the Categories management link.
  • To add a product, click on Add a Product.
  • Once you have added products, to rename, move or delete a product use the Products management link.
A E-shop with multiple categories and products might look like the one below ( In editing mode).
Edit a category or a product
To edit a category or a product, click on Product management or Category management.

You can also mouse hover a Product or a Category and click on Edit.
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