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Note: You can also filter templates with two kinds of filters. Meaning that you can look, for example, for a pink template with pattern. You can select with pattern in the style list and all colors to display all the templates with a pattern. It aslo works the other way around, meaning that you can choose the option "all styles" in the drop down menu and select a color in the palette in order to show all the templates with this color.


To create your website, you have to choose a template. This template will be the visual of your website.
You can change your website's visual as often as you want, without losing any information!

The visual will be previewed in the left section.

Search by style  

            For your convenience, you can filter templates by style, so it will be easier to find a template that meets your expectations
            The default style is "Random".
            To search by style, you have to select the style in the dropdown menu.
Search by color 
You can also filter templates by color by selecting one color among the choices in the palette located in the top section. The choice of colors includes variations of the same color (lime green will include light green, light green, flashy green, etc.). So, if you click on green, you will not only have the green-yellow templates, but all those with green and yellow shades. To display all colors, please select the rainbow sphere.

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