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Small text
This module will allow you to add a small text. This module will take half of the page's width. You can use this module to post news, publicity, short articles, etc.

To add a small text module to your website, you will need to click on Add a module, located at the main toolbar of the editor. Once you clicked on Add a module, choose the option Small Text.

Note : Every time you go to the next tab, your changes are saved.

Title & Design tab

In the Title & Design tab, here are your options :
  1. You can choose to use a title for your module by checking the I want a title box.
    -If you choose to use a title, you will have to type the title in the Title field.
  2. Choose the module's design among the three available. Click on the green check mark to select the design.
  3. Click on Next Step for more options.
Format tab

In the Format tab, here are your options:
  1. Choose the format by clicking on the green check mark.
  2. Click on Next Step  for more options.

Image tab

In the Image tab, here are your options:
  1. Click on Browse to choose an image (the image must be already saved on your computer). Once the image is selected, click on Ok.
  2. Then you can choose an action for your image. When clicking on the image:
    Nothing happens : The image is not clickable.
    The picture expands : Shows the original size of the image, on a black background.
    You are redirected to a webpage : Enables you to create a link on your image. To know how to create a link, please read the add a link section.
  3. Choose an effect for your image. You can preview an effect by clicking on the effect's name. The image will be changed to fit the effect you have chosen.
  4. You can enlarge or reduce the image's size by moving the cursor. To the left to reduce it and to the right to enlarge it.
  5. Click on Next Step for more options.

Text tab

In the Text tab, here are your options:
  1. Type your text. The text will appear in accordance to the setup you have chosen in the text tab. 

  2. Here are the text options, as shown on the toolbar above :
    • Cut
    • Copy
    • Paste
    • Undo
    • Redo
    • Change font color
    • Insert Hyperlink
    • Remove hyperlink
    • Font name
    • Font size
    • Add a table
    • Bold
    • Italic
    • Underline
    • Align left
    • Align right
    • Align center
    • Justify
    • Remove alignment
    • Left indent
    • Right indent
    • Numbered list
    • Bullet list
    • Convert to lower case
    • Convert to upper case


  3. Click on Next Step for more options.

Preview tab

In the Preview tab, here are your options:
  1. To further editing, go back to the appropriate tab.
  2. To add the module to your site, click Add module.
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