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Site Statistics
The Website statistics tab shows the overall traffic your website receives on a given period of time.


 The graphic

You can choose to view your statistics by Period: Today, yesterday, last seven days, current month, last month or from the beginning.
You can also choose to view your statistics from a given period of time, by choosing the option From DD/MM/YYYY To : DD/MM/YYYY.

- Pageviews refers to the number of times your webpage was viewed by a visitor.
- Visits refers to the number of times your website has been visited.
- Unique visitors refers to the actual number of visitors which came to your website.

Example: From the 1st to the 7th day of current month:

One visitor came to your website 4 times, each time the visitor viewed 5 pages.
In conclusion: You had 1 unique visitor, 4 visits and 20 pagesviews (4 visits of 5 pages each > 4 x 5 = 20 pageviews total).
The information

The Page per visit section refers to the average of pages viewed by your visitors on a single visit.
The Bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors that enter and left your site without continuing. The lower the bounce rate, the better. If the bounce rate is low, it means that your visitors spent a considerable amount of time on your site.
The Average time on the site refers to the average time of visits.

 The tables

You can see, the most visited pages and the number of times that they were viewed.

You can also see where your website's Traffic source or how your visitors found your site.
Direct access means that the visitor typed the URL address directly into the browser's address bar or from an address safe in the favorites. Others addresses means that ther is a link on those sites for visitors to access your site.
You can also find regarding the search engines used and other sources of traffic.

IP Addresses

You can exclude an IP address from your statistics. An IP address is the unique address assigned to a computer. By excluding an IP address, you remove all visits to your site linked to that computer. We recommend to exclude IP addresses of computers that you use often to visit your site, such as your home computer and work computer. By removing the IP address, you get a  more accurate summary of your visits.

To remove your IP address, click on the Add IP address field located at the bottom of the table.
Enter the IP address you see on Your current IP address is:
Click on the green check mark.

Your statistics are now updated, in the future your own visits will be excluded.


 Google Analytics

If you are looking for a more evolved system to analyse your statistics, you can always use Google Analytics, it is free and simple to use. To create a Google Analytic account, visit the following link:  Google Analytics


Google Analytics will provide you with a script similar to the one below at the last step of your account:


To plug your Google Analytics account to your website, you need to locate the UA code (E.g., UA-1234567-1).
Copy/paste this code into the Enter the code provided by Google Analytics here field at the bottom of your Website Statistics page.
Click on the floppy disk icon to save the code.

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