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Search engine

1. You can edit your search engine in two ways:
  1. To edit, activate or deactivate your website's search engine, click on the icon "Site" located at the right of the toolbar. OR
  2. Mouse hover the search engine, the option "Edit search engine" will appear. Click on it.

A window will open:


  1. To activate the search engine, check the box " I want a search engine". By default, your search engine will appear on all the pages of your website.
  2. You can choose not to use a search engine by unchecking the box "I want a search engine". This action will remove your website's search engine.
  3. You can choose the number of results displayed per page with the drop-down window. By default, the number of results per page is 20.
  4. To display the search engine on a page, mark the page.
  5. To hide the search engine on a page, unmark the page.
  6. Save changes.
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