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Your subscription
You can view the status of your subscription at any time by clicking on My WebSelf Subscription on the Administration pannel.
How do I contact PayPal?
If you're having issues trying to log in your PayPal account or to pay your WebSelf subscription?

Visit the PayPal FAQ, ask your question, visit the PayPal  forum or call PayPal's customer service :

US : 1 402 935 2057 (Service is offered 24/7).

UK : 0800 358 7929

Australia : 1 800 073 263

International : 1 402 935 2050
Why is my website deactivated?
Your website is deactivated if an "Error 404 page" is shown.

The most common reason for a page to be deactivated is a payment problem.

Note: Before deactivating your website, we have sent you email notifications regarding payment failures. Double check your inbox and spam folders.
I don't remember my PayPal username and password.
Your PayPal account is linked to an Email address. This email address is your Username.

Your Password is the one you chose when opening your PayPal account.

You can retrieve it or create a new one: PayPal login problems

Your WebSelf logins are different from your PayPal ones. We can't help you retrieving your PayPal logins because we don't have access to them.
My credit card has changed. How do I update it?
Log in to your PayPal account here. Click on My account and then choose Profile.

Click on Add or Edit Credit card from the drop-down menu.
I cancelled my card. How can I pay you?

First, you must cancel your subscription because it's still linked to your old credit card. Once your subscription is cancelled, you will receive an email which contains the link Resubscribe. You can also resubscribe via your Extranet going to "Your WebSelf subscription".

You will be able to pay via PayPal or choose a new payment method once a new card is added to your PayPal account.

Your subscription details are always available in your Extranet going to "Your WebSelf subscription".

I paid but my website is still not activated, why?
If your site is down or inaccessible, it's probably because we have not received your payment yet.

It may be because you have made a "Deferred payment" which means that PayPal has debited the amount from your account, but we have not received it yet. This happens when the your have linked a bank account rather than your credit card (immediate payment) to your PayPal account. You may cancel your deferred payment or wait until the payment is processed. We should receive your payment within 5 to 10 days. For more information on deadlines check the payment confirmation email sent by PayPal.

You can contact us by ticket to reactivate your site while your payment is pending.
I'm waiting for PayPal's 4 digit code. Can you keep my website online?
PayPal must ensure that you are the owner of the new credit card. This is why a small amount has been withdrawn from your account.

Your certification code appears on your bank statement within 8 to 10 business days. There are two transactions, of approximately $0.99. The transactions will appear under the subject "PayPal" and will contain 4 digits that will be your certification code. If they do not appear on your statement online, wait to receive your paper statement by mail.

Since we didn't receive a payment, your site will probably be suspended, thought the content will be securely stored on our servers.

If you can't, start again the registration process and select another payment method or contact us by ticket.
I want to change the PayPal account linked to my WebSelf's subscription.

First, you must cancel your subscription. Once your subscription is cancelled, you will receive an email which contains the link "Resubscribe". You can also resubscribe via your Extranet. going to "Your WebSelf subscription".

You will be able to choose to pay with another PayPal account.

Cancelling your subscription does not delete your website. Simply allows you to modify the PayPal account linked to your subscription.
I can't find the WebSelf subscription transaction in my PayPal account.

If you can't see any information regarding a payment to WebSelf (even filtering by correct date and year), you probably are on the wrong PayPal account. You will need to log in the account that is linked to your WebSelf subscription.

For more information Contact PayPal.

How to renew my WebSelf subscription?

You subscription will be automaticly renewed. The amount will be automatically debited from your account.

Note: If your credit card information has changed, you must update your information directly in your PayPal account for the payment to be processed correctly.

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