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Add a page
To Add a page to your website, you must go to the icon "Page", located at the right top corner of the toolbar, and then click on the icon " Add a page".

A window will open:


  1. Type the text in field  "Menu Text". By clicking on this text you will access this page. (limited to 25 characters)
  2. Then, you must select the placement for this page. To choose a placement, click on "Your page here".
  3. To place a page as a sub-menu of an existing page (Home, Contact us, etc.), choose the mention "Your page here" that appears in a sub-tab position. 
  4. To add metadata (Search engine optimization settings), see the text below or
  5. Click on Add a page.

If you want to add metadata to your page, you must go to the "Search engine optimization settings" tab. This metadata will be usefull for search engines. 




On the Search engine optimization settings tab, these are your options:

1.      Enter the Page title; this title will appear your browser's tab. This name can be longer than the one on the menu and can be changed regularly.

2.     The Page's URL address allows you to customize the URL of the page and it appears on the address bar of your browser. Once defined, if changed this address, you must modify all the links pointing to this page.

3.     The text entered in the Description field is the text that will appear below the name of your website. Think about using a short and relevant text.

4.     Add keywords in the Keywords field. These words will enable your website to be found, once it has been indexed by search engines. There is no keywords limit, but think about using short and relevant words in the content.

Edit a page

To edit a page in your website, you must first click on the icon "Page" available in the top toolbar of editor.
Choose Edit a page.
Select the page you want to edit from the list.
Click on Ok

A window will open:


It is the same window that you have seen when adding a page. You can make changes at any time.
  1. To rename a page, change the text in the field "Menu text". 
  2. To modify the location of a page, click on "Your page here" which represents the new location.
Delete a page

To delete a page from your website:

  1. Go to the icon Page, located at the editors toolbar.
  2. Click on the Delete a page icon.
  3. Select de page.
  4. A confirmation message will open. 
  5. Click on Ok to delete the page.
Copy a page

To copy a page on your website, you must first click on "Page",  the icon is located at the toolbar of the editor.
Choose "Copy a page" and click Ok.
Select the page you want to copy from the list.
Click on Copy.

A window will open :


  1. Type the text you wish to appear in the Text menu field. By default, when you copy a page, the copied page's name is displayed (limit 25 characters) 
  2. The text you will enter in the "Page title" field will be displayed in the address toolbar of your browser. This name can be longer than the one from the menu.
  3. Select the place for your copied page. To choose a location, click on the appropriate "Your page here".
  4. To place a page as sub-title, mouse hoover a page from the main menu (Home, Contact us, etc.) You will see  "Your page here" displaying under it. Click on the appropriate place toset the page.
  5. To add metadata (Search engine optimization settings), see the text below, or
  6. Click on Add a page.

If you want to add metadata to your page, you must go to the "Search engine optimization settings" tab. This data will be useful for search engines (see add a page at the top for more details).
Secure a page

Secure a page of your website, making it unaccessible by all your visitors.

Click on the Page  icon, available in the superior toolbar of the WebSelf editor.
Choose the option Edit a page. Click Ok.
Then, select the page to secure in the list. Click on Edit.
A window Edit the page will open.
Click on the Security tab.
Check the case I want to secure the page, then save the modifications.


For more informations on the managing your secured page users, please visit the appropriate website section.

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