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This module is  only available  to customers registered to the  Entreprise and E-Shop plans.
1. You can edit the Multilingual module in two ways :
  1. To edit, activate or deactivate the Multilingual module, click on Site, located at the toolbar.

  2. If the module is already active, mouse hover the language, the option "Edit languages" will appear. Click on it.
A window will open:





  1. Add a language by clicking Add new language and then choosing from the list of languages supported by WebSelf .

  2. You can display the available languages for your site in different ways. You can choose to display the language only, the flag only or the language and the flag

  3. Once you have selected your language, click the green check mark to save or on the red check mark to cancel.

  4. If you want the language to be visible online select Visible.

  5. You can change the order in which the languages are displayed by using the green arrows.

  6. You can remove a language by clicking the trash can.

Note: It is recommended to finish the translation before publishing your site.


To edit the default language of your site, go to the Settings tab.

Select the default language among the available languages for your site and save changes.
Click on Close.

Go back to your website; you should see the name or the flag of the language or both. It is usually placed above or below your banner. If you click on it, you can switch from one language to another.

To edit a new added language, click in the name. You will then have access to the content of your site in the chosen language.
You can add pages to the site. Since you now have more than one language in your site, you will have to choose the language of each new page you add. To know more visit the link Add page.
You can also add modules to your pages.

The different languages of your website are independent of each other. This means that your website in English does not necessarily have the same layout than your website in French. You may choose to have 5 pages in your French website and 3 in the English version for example.

Please note that you must translate the content yourself.

To save time, you can also duplicate your pages. You will conserve the whole layout and photos on the new page. You  just have to translate the text of each module.

To find the option copy page click on Page at the editor's toolbar.

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