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You will be able to create your website's content by using these modules. You can move them up, down, left or right just like blocks. You can choose their position, design as well as their size. To know more about a module, click on the module's type in the left section of this page.
Edit a module
Once you added a module to your page, you will still be able to edit it.

To edit a module, mouse hover it. The toolbar (shown above) will appear on the top right corner of the module.

  1. You can move your module with the arrows.
  2. You can change the module's size by clicking on the desired size.
    The largest module size available takes 2/3 of the overall width of the page. Click on the large shape to enlarge your module or click on the small one to reduce it. The active size will appear more saturated.
  3. To edit a module's content (title, design, format, text, image, etc..) click on the green pencil.
  4. To delete a module, click on the red cross.
    Notice : This toolbar shows all options available. All these options are not available for every module. If an options is not available for a module, it will not be shown in the toolbar.

    Copy and insert a module
    By clicking on the "+" sign located in the lower left corner of the editing bar, you have access to three other features.

    1. You can add a module directly above another,without the need of the arrows; by clicking on "Insert a module above"
    2. You can add a module directly below another,without the need of the arrows; by clicking on "Insert a module below"
    3. You can copy a module by clicking on"Copy module" and goingto "Add a module here". A new category will appear, then you can select “Copied module”. This allows you to copya module from one page to another and to savetime. You can copy only one module at a time.

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