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The E -Shop module is linked to the E-Shop management, accesible via the Administration pannel. Set up your payment, delivery methods, invoicing system, etc.

Module : Products
Add a new product
To Add a product, click on Add a new product.

Note: Every time you go to the next tab, your changes are saved.

A window will open:
In the General information tab, here are your options:

  1. Click on Browse to choose an image (the image must be already saved ion your computer). Once the image is selected, click on Ok.
  2. Enter the name of your product in the Name field.
  3. You can use a code for your product. Enter the code in the Code field.
  4. Choose the parent category from the Category drop-down window.
  5. Enter the price of your product in the Price field. You can enter the price with or without taxes. If you enter a price that includes all taxes, make sure that the option "Taxes included for products" is checked. To manage applicable taxes go to the  E-Shop management.
  6. Enter the weight of your product in the Weight field. This information will be useful if you choose the delivery method by weight.
  7. Enter a short description of the product in the field Short description.
In the Description tab, here are your options:

  • Enter full product specifications in the Detailed description field.
In the Image tab, here are your options:

  1. Click on Browse to choose more images (the images must be already saved on your computer). Once the image or images are selected, click on Ok.
In the Advanced tab, here are your options:
  1. To apply a rebate to a product, choose the type of discount. The % symbol allows you to apply a percentage discount (e.g.: 20% discount), aor $ symbol allows you to apply a monetary discount (e.g.: Save 5 $).
  2. Enter the value to apply in the Discount value field. Leave this field blank if you do not want to apply any discount.
  3. Direct Link allows you to link this product directly to a Google AdWords ad or a publication.
  4. Check the Show the product price box, to display the price.
  5. Check the Checkout box to allow your visitors to buy this product online. Uncheck the box to leave the product visible, but not available for direct purchase online.
  6. Uncheck the Enable box to hide the product. The product won't be visible online.
  7. Check the Free shipping box if no charges apply for this product.
  8. Check the Tax-free box is a product is free of taxes. (Do not apply if you use the Taxes Included mode).
  9. To displayed a product in more than one category, choose from the Aditional categories drop-down window. 
  10. To set up options for you product, choose from the Product options drop-down window.
Edit a category or a product
To edit a product or a category, click on Product management or Category management.

You can also mouse hover a product or a category and click on Edit.
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