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The E -Shop module is linked to the E-Shop management, accesible via the Administration pannel. Set up your payment, delivery methods, invoicing system, etc.

Module : Categories
Add a category
Categories are optional. You can use them to help you organize your products into sections. The "E-Shop category" is mandatory, your E-Shop entry point.

  • You can choose a Parent category of the new category. If you have several categories, you can view all in the root category menu.

    E.g.: Your "E-Shop" contains the category "Electronics", which contains the category "MP3 player", which contains the category  "iPod", etc. A category is accessible only through its parent category. Thus, if a visitor is on the iPod page, the root of this page would look like this:            E-Shop> Electronics> MP3 Player> iPod.

  • In the Name field, enter the name of your new category.

  • In the Description field, enter a short description for your category. This description will be displayed if you choose to display your categories as List.
  • To choose a custom image, click Browse, once the image is selected, click OK.
  • Click on Original image to go back the default image.
  • Click Add the category.
Categories management
You can edit your categories by clicking on Categories management.

You will see the tree structure of your categories:
  • To Rename, change image or modify the parent category click on the green pencil.
  • To delete a category, click on the trash can.
  • To move a category, use the arrows.
  • To add a category, click on Add a new category.
Edit a category or product
To edit a product or category, click on Product management or Category management.

You can also mouse hover a Product or a Category and click on Edit.
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