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Marketing : Promotional Codes
Codes de promotions.

In the Promotional Codes section, you can define promotional codes for your E-shop. You can choose to apply codes in a case by case basis or to apply them to orders automatically. A code can be based on a percentage or a price discount. It can be active a for a limited or unlimited period of time, as well as a limited or unlimited use.

You can always use filters to help you manage your promotional codes.

For now, all the fiels of this section are empty.

To add a promotional code, click on the Add a promotional code button.
To set up a promotion code, here are your options :

  1. Enter the Name of the promotion code, this will help you find the promotion code in your management list. Only you, as an administrator, will see this name.
  2. Enter Promotional code of your choice (e.g.: Xmas2013) or click on Generate a code button to generate a code automatically.
  3. From the drop-down window choose the Type of promotion:
    • Monetary ($) : You can enter a fixed monetary discount (in your currency), for this promotion.
    • Percentage (%) : You can enter a percentage discount for this promotion.
  4. Enter the Value of your discount for this promotion.
  5. Under Apply code to, choose from the following options:
    • All products: Choose this option to apply this promotion to every product on your E-shop.
    • Selected products only: Choose this option to apply your promotional code only to certain products. Use the filters to find the product, then check the box belonging to the product in order to apply the promotional code.
    • Selected categories only: Choose this option to apply your promotional code only to a certain catogery. Use the filters in the gray zone to find the category you wish in your shop, then check the box in the table row containing the category in order to apply the promotional code.
  6. In the Minimum purchase amount field, you can choose the minimum purchase amount required to apply this promotion code. This option allows you to have promotions like "Get 30% off any purchase of $75 and more", etc. In this case, the minimum purchase amount is 75 (leave this field blank to have no minimum purchase amount required to apply the code).
  7. The Use the code section allows you to select the number of times the code can be applied:
    • Select Limited, enter the number. Choose from "Once" or a "Custom value". This option can be used for promotion codes intended  for a "limited quantities available" promotion type.
    • Choose Unlimited to not restrict the number of use of the promotion code.
  8. The Period section allows you to set up the code validity period :
    • Choose Always to set an unrestricted validilty period for this code.
    • Choose Start date of the promotion to set a start date for this promotion. By choosing a specific start date for your promotion code, you can advertise a promotion ahead of time.
      • Once a Start date is selected, you can also choose a fixed End date for your promotion. This code will only be valid between the selected dates.
  9. Check the box Combined with other discounts to allow the addition of this promotion code to the order, even if it contains products that are already subject to other discount.
  10. Check the Apply the code to the shopping cart automatically box to apply automatically this promotion code to orders, as soon as a order meets the conditions that apply. The code will apply to a purchase, even if your customer doesn't enter a code for this promotion.
  11. Check the box Apply the code to the shipping costs to apply the promotion code to the order after the shipping fees have been added. This option therefore reduce the grand total.
  12. The Apply code section allows you to choose between applying the code before tax (Subtotal) or after taxes (Grand total).
  13. The Enable promotional code is checked by default. Uncheck this box to disable the use of this promotion code. Note that if a period is selected, the code will only be valid during this period, even if the Enable promotional code checkbox is checked.
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