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Marketing : Cross-selling

Looking for a way to increase your sales? Enable the Cross-selling feature!

You can suggest up to 5 related or complimentary products to your customer. If you sell cameras, you might offer memory cards; if you sell necklaces, offer the bracelet! It's a new way to introduce new products or suggest additional purchases to your visitors.

To add these associated products, select your Product and go to the Advanced tab and enable Cross-selling.

Once the Cross-selling feature is enabled, you will be able to choose the products you want to associate and their display order. These products will appear below the concerned  product.

Cross-selling can be simple or reciprocal, in this case, when you are on the product page of the product A, the product B is recommended and vice- versa.

In your E-shop management, you have access to a summary of your cross-selling settings. To do this, go to the Marketing section and click on Cross-selling.

At this location, your Cross-selling settings will be displayed and then you could sort through by a filter.

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