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This module will allow you to add a map to your site. You can use this module to show the location of your head office, special event, store or any other location.

To add a map module to your website, you will need to click on the Add a module icon, located at the main toolbar of the editor. Once you clicked on Add a module, choose the option Map.

Note: Every time you go to the next tab, your changes are saved.

Title & Design tab

In the Title & Design tab, here are your options :

  1. You can choose to use a title for your module by checking the I want a title box.
    -If you choose to use a title, you will have to type the title in the Title field.
  2. Choose your module's design among the three available. The green check mark shows the selected design.
  3. Click on Next Step for more options.

Address tab

In the Address tab, here are your options :
  1. Type a title into the Title of the address field
  2. Type the Address into the Address 1 field
  3. If needed, use the Address 2 field to add the details (Apartment number or suite number)
  4. Type the zip code or postal code in the Zip code/postal code field
  5. Type the name of the city in the City field
  6. Choose the country from the Country drop-down list.
  7. If applicable, choose the Province or Region from the drop-down list
  8. Type the phone number in the Phone number field
  9. Type the fax number in the Fax number field
  10. Type the cell phone number in the Cell phone number field
  11. The zoom option allows you to set the map view. To zoom out, slide it to the left, to zoom in, slide it to the right.
  12. Click Refresh map to preview the settings (Fields 1 to 10)
  13. Click Next Step for more options
Note: Fields1 to 10 are optional. To leave a field empty, simply leave it blank.
Preview tab

In the Preview tab, here are your options:

  1. To further editing, go back to the appropriate tab.
  2. To add the module to your site, click Add module.
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