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Managing secure pages
This feature enables you to secure certain pages of your website. You can allow users to access specific pages of your website. To indicate that a page is been secured, a small lock will appear next to the page's title. When a user selects the page, a login window will appear. The user must enter the registered email address and the password previously received by email.

To Add a secure page, refer to the appropriate section by clicking here.

Add a user
To manage your secure page, go to your Administration pannel and click on Managing secure pages.
  1. To add a user, click on Add a user.
  2. A user profile form will appear.
  3. Choose the user's Language.
  4. In the Last name field, enter the user's last name.
  5. In the First name field, enter the user's first name.
  6. In the Email field, enter the user's email address. This email address becomes the Username for this profile.
  7. In the Password field, choose a password for this user (Passwords must contain a minimum of 6 characters, avoid the use of spaces and special characters).
  8. In the Password confirmation field, confirm the password.
  9. Check the Send the connexion data to the user via email right away box, if you wish to send the logins by email. Note that you can send them later if the secured page is not ready to be published.
  10. From the list select the page(s) to which you want to grant access to this user.
  11. To validate the profile, click on Add.
  12. The username will be added to the list of users.
You can add as many users as you want.
Create a user group

This feature is very useful when you need to grant access to a group of people.

To create a user group:

  1. Check the box I want to use the management of user groups, located at the bottom of the table.
  2. A user group form will appear.
  3. Enter a Name for this group.
  4. Enter a Description for this group.
  5. Add users to this group by checking the appropriate box next to the user's name.
  6. From the list Select the page(s) to which you want to grant access to this group.

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