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Managing : Product options
Products options
In the Products options section, you can create options for a given product based on size or color. Each option must be created and applied to the product separately. A product can have a miximum of three options.

To add an option, click on Add an option.
  • In the Option name field, you can choose a name for the option. This might help you find the option in your list.
  • In the Text to show field, enter the text to display as a title for the option (e.g.: Size, colors, etc.). 
  • From the Option type drop-down window, you can choose the way the option will be displayed:
    • List: List the options to choose from. Only one choice per option (e.g.: Small, medium and large).
    • Text: A text field in which your customers can enter a customized text (e.g.: A personalized cake with a name).
    • Color: Your customers can choose a color from your list. The color will appear in the shape of rectangle.
To add a list of choices to your list, click Add an option.
  • In the Choice column, enter a name for your choice. If your option is Size, you must enter a choice for each size (E.g.: Small, medium, large, extra-large, etc.).
  • In the Image column, choose an image of your choice. If you offer a choice of T-shirts by Color on blue green and red, you could display an image to each choice.
  • To save a choice, click on the green check mark.
  • To cancel a modification, click the red cross.
Here is an example of  a list of options where Color choices are supported by an Image


 Note: Later you have to apply these two options to your products. 

For more information on how to apply an option to a product, visit the E-Shop module.



Here a concrete example:

Let's say you sell T-shirts, more than one color and more than one size, you need to create options for colors ans sizes; the set up will be displayed like the one below:

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