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pt_block140667_pt_script is not responsible for content managed by your scripts. Thus, if a script does not work even if the syntax is the one cited above, it will check the script on the original site. So, if you YouTube generates a script for a video and it does not work on your site, it is likely that you do not copy and paste the correct code or the code generated by YouTube is wrong. WebSelf is that the blank page on which you write your code.

Info Script
Did you know that with the widget module, you can add an incalculable numbers of interactive contents ? Video, animation, slideshow, etc...! It is an useful and simple tool to learn. You simply have to browse the web for a script to use and copy/paste it in this nodule : voila!

The widget module works as a blank card. You just have to insert an HTML or javascript code to transform it into a video module, a payment buttont, a calendar or any others types of contents managed by a simple script. However, before we discuss the possibilities offered by this module, first lets go over some ground rules:

HTML and Javascript sxripts respect the following syntax : <Open tag> Script </Close tag>. To make your script works, it is imperative that any opened tag (<>) have has its closing tag (</>), like a sentence has a capitalised first word and the proper punctuation. It is also important, if your script contains quotation mark ("), that they have both the opening and closing quotation mark. A hyperlink script, per example, will be written as follows :
<a href="link"> Text </a>.
The structure <a href="link"> Text or <a href="link > Text </a> would not work and could create conflicts in the loading process of your your WebSelf website.

The only limit to the features you can add to your WebSelf website through the script module is the limit of your imagination and your resourcefulness. Search engines can help you find script generator website for just about anything. Want to add a module with the weather on your website? Do a search and you'll see that soon, you will find a free script on the internet! Let yourself go! Use the widget or script module and boost your content!

Now, here's a brief overview of the opportunities offered by the Script or Widget modules. The links below all give you some insights as to what you could do with these modules.

This website is very useful to insert images or animations on your website. You must create an account first. Then you can either browse the large photos database or import your own images. With image hosting sites such as Photobucket, you can add animated images (GIF) to your website. You can, by creating an image containing text only, play with fonts for your title or page title as well. To do this, create a small image containing only text, usually 200px wide is perfect. Try to select a similar color for the background of the image to the background color of your site, or make it transparent. Then, type your text and customize it to your taste: font, color, effect, etc.. Save it and upload it on an image hosting website website will then generate an HTML code. Copy / Paste this HTML code into a module and add your script module.

Example : or also

Flash Files

This website will enable you to create animated banners and texts to insert in your website. Many possibilities are available with several models of animation, all very customizable!

Google Calendar and other Google tools

Google also offers a number of free services for webmaster! You will find among them Google Calendar, which lets you manage an online calendar, adding appointments and events without having toupdate your WebSelf website each time. Google offers tools such as : Google Translate, Google Picasa, Google Map, Google Video and many more!

Radio Internet

You can, through VestaRadio, insert an online radio on your web site via a script. You can then make your own radio and broadcast in real time through your website. VestaRadio is a radio management, supplemented by statistics from the ratings, programming schedule, audio mp3 preview the playlist in your panel and all this on your site, through our WebSelf module script!

Webcam live et blogs vidéo

Want to share live information with your visitors? Vlogs, and any other live webcam broadcast, are an excellent way to proceed. It is a dynamic and interactive way to inform your visitors, share experiences,  welcome them on your site or do online tutoring! If you're the hosting industry, cabin rentals or even bed and breakfast sector, get yourself a laptop with an integrated webcam and take us on a tour!

You can find a lot of gadget simply by looking around on the web. You can then add more interactive elements to your website. Here is a quick list of some website where you can find widget scripts. Keep in mind that this list is only a small amount of what's available. You can always find more by searching through a search engine like Google or Bing!

Weather forecasts

Widgets indexes 

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