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Your website appearence tells a lot to your visitors. In fact, the discussion of quality versus design feature is a close debate, but everyone agrees to say that is more appealing visually pleasing to the eye of the visitor and can sometimes have a direct link to your number of visits. If a website is nice and the viual is worked, the customers will stay more longer and will be interested in your texts, because they analyze first the website aspect and after his content. The editor supplied attractivly and styled templates, but you can also make your content attractive!

If you have trouble finding good quality images to use for your website, remember that you can buy photos on websites of vendors such as Fotolia. These sites offer a wide variety of pictures ready to be used and look very professional.

 You can access to the website of Fotolia by clicking here

If you are an advanced user and look for the best way to put a webself template more at your image ? Have you think about using an image more than a text? In fact, nothing oblige you to use the place by default to write your title!

If you have a program for image editing (Adobe Photoshop or also free program such as The Gimp or even Paint!), you just have to create an image which content your title text with the font and the color of your choice, and so save all in PNG without background, in JPG or in GIF! Then, you just have to upload this image in the logo place to have a personalised website title! You can also create a photomontage with the program of your choice and integrate your title in the banner image.

Moreover, the banner place can be exploited in many ways! You can, of course, put simply a picture, but have you think about inserting a montage, your business card, your logo..? In fact, any gIF, PNG, or JPG files can be insert in the banner. You can create a website with an personilazed and professional aspect easily! For a maximum appareance control of your website , upload your title in image in your logo place and your logo in the banner place! 

Useful links :

Fotolia is the global marketplace of royalty free images, allowing individuals and professionals to buy and share photos and illustrations copyright-free legally.
Fotolia offers free or at very competitive prices an image bank of royalty-free illustration quality of any professional project in all media.
Adobe Photoshop
Advanced level - free trial periode
Photoshop is widely known and most useful! It may seem a bit complicated for beginners, but save a few hours learning about this program is essential to any good visual. It is very complete, with management background transparent gallery effect, creating animated GIF, etc..
You can download a trial version for free for a limited period.

Intermediate level - free -  english
FotoFlexer is a wizard image editing free online. You can, without download, edit your images, add text to them, management transparent background, etc! Note that if you add animated text to your photos, it will not be taken into account in the editor WebSelf.

Intermediate level - free
PhotoFiltre is a program to download modified image. It can perform simple or advanced adjustments to an image and apply a vast range of filters. The transparent background does not run.

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