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How do I edit my website?

To edit your website go to our website and click on Login, enter your logins (user name and password). Once logged in to Extranet you will be on the Administrator pannel, click on Edit my website.

Will my website be on Google?

Yes, your website will be on Google once you become a subscribed member. WebSelf does the referencing for you as soon as we receive your payment. Time taken by search engines to index your content can vary.

To know more about referencing, we suggest you to consult our Info referencing article.

How do I register?

You can register online. Go to our website and click on Pricing, follow 4 simple steps, you will receive all the details needed regarding the payment of your website.

When will I be able to edit my website?

You can edit your website 7 days a week, 24 hours a day! Even if you are on the trial perid. 

How do I delete my website?

You can't delete your website on your own.
If you are on the trial period, your website will be put offline 14 days after the starting date, unless you register. If you don't register, it will be deleted 30 days after  the starting date.
If you are a registered user, first you must cancel your subscription. If you pay using PayPal, you will be able to cancel it in your account. If you pay by cheque or by bank transfer, please contact us by Ticket. You website will then be put offline.

How do I retrieve my password?

You have access to the Forgotten password feature when you click on Extranet or Login direcly on our website . Simply type your email and the character shown (Captcha) and you will receive your logins by email. 

How do I change my password?

Once you're logged in to your Extranet, go to Edit my profile, you'll be able to change your password.

What are the plan prices?

For the prices, go to our website and click on Prices. You can get your own domain name, emails addresses, your statistics, referencing, the opportunity to have more than 5 pages for your website, hosting and free technical support.

How to get a domain extension on .com?

During your trial period, your website has a extension. This is a temporary extension for your website. To have a unique and permanent domain name and extension for your website, you must register to one of the 3 WebSelf plans. This enables you to have your own domain name (.com, .org and .net).

How do I change my website's name?

If you are on the trial period, you can not change your website's name. Nevertheless you can create another trial with the correct name. Note that because of your website name is temporary, it doesn't matter if the current name is not correct one. You will choose the right one when registering.
If you are already registered, fees of 15 € or 19.95 $ will apply. These fees are necessary for a new domain name purchase and the administration fee related to this operation. WebSelf is not responsible for misspellings which can occur during the purchase of your fisrt domain name. 
If you are interested in this operation, you can send us a request by ticket.
We will send a link so you can pay for the fees. As soon as we received your payment, your new domain name will be pourchased. Please note that the activation process might take up to 48 hrs. Normally, the new name will be visible on Google in less than 4 days.

How can I see the statistics of my website?

Detailed statistics are available through your Extranet. One logged in click on Site Statistics.

How do I receive some comments from visitors?

By default your website has a "Contact-us" page with a contact Form module. the form enables your visitors to leave you a message.
Your visitors can also leave you a message if you add a Guestbook module. Thanks to this module, messages can be visualized by others (you have the choice of posting or not a comment).

Modules  and contents

What is a module?

A module is an editable zone of your website. The content of your website is built by adding modules. You will be able to add as many per page as you want . These modules work as blocks. They are editable at 100%. You can choose their location and their design. Many types of modules are available : Text, script, photo album, guestbook, form, etc. Each type of module offers different features.

How do I move a module?

To move a module, mouse hover it. The silver toolbar will appear at the top right corner of the module.
You can move your module up, down, right or left by using the green arrows. You can also move a module between zones using the arrows. Some modules can not be added in the smallest zone (e.g.: E-shop or Form).

How do I change the module size?

To change the module size, mouse hover it. The silver bar will appear at the top right corner of the module. You can reduce or enlarge your module size by using the size icons (shown by two green rectangles). Click on the smallest one to reduce and on the large one to enlarge. Some modules can not be used in the small size (e.g.: E-shop and Form module).

How to add a link?

Click Edit on the module in which you would like to add a link and go to the Text tab.You can also see our "Add a link help guide".

If you wish to add a link on an image, use the Image tab. Check mark the box "You are redirected to a web page". Then you will have to specify the target page or URL address.

How to add text?

To add text contents, use the Text module. You will be also able to add an image by using this module.

What are the Text module features?

You will find details regarding the Text module features by clicking here.

How to create an anchor link?

This allows you to create a link inside  the same module or same page. For that, you need to create your own link using the Script module. Here how to do it: Create an anchor link.

How can I create a website in other languages?

You will be able to activate the Multilingual feature once registered to the plan Enterprise or E-commerce. After your registration you will be able to Edit languages by clicking on Site located at the editor's toolbar .

How can I add music on my website?

To add music to your website, use the Music module. The audio file must be already safe in your computer; all formats are accepted.

How to add a logo?

To add a personalised logo, click on Site located at editor's toolbar, then on Edit logo.

How to change the visual of my website?

You can change your website's visual by chnaging the template. WebSelf supplies you with more than 600 different templates. New templates are added regularly!

How to add an image?

To add a picture or an image, use the Image module. You can always add an image with or without text.

How to create a photo album?

To add a photo album in the form of a slide show, use the module Photo album.

How to add a map?

To add a map, use the module Map.

How to add a downloadable file?

To make files available on your website, use the module Downloadable files. Your visitors will be able to save files with a simple click.

How to edit your banner?

To add a personalised banner, click on Site, located at the editor's toolbar, then on "Edit the banner".

How to add a video?

If you wish to upload a video to your website, you can do it by adding a Video module

How to add a counter?

Use the Widget module to add a counter to your website. You can find a script by making a quick search on Google. However, the statistics provided by WebSelf are more accurate than the ones from the counter (you won’t have the number of visitors, but rather the number of times the page was displayed). Thanks to Webself statistics, you can know precisely the amount of unique visitors.

How to take an online order?

The E-shop module is by far the best way to manage and sell your products online!

How to put the site online?

You can put your website online by clicking on the Publish button, located at the editor's toolbar.  If you are still in a trial period, your website's address must be entered directly in your browser’s address bar, rather than by using Google or another search engine. If you are registered, note that there is always a waiting period before your site will be showing on search engines.



How to add a page?

To add a page, click on Page icon, located at the editor's toolbarthen on Add a page. A page is shown as a tab on your main menu (e.g.: Home, Contact us, Services, etc.), you can have up to 6 tabs on the main menu. All additional pages must be added as subpages. After entring a name for you new page, click on "Your page here" to place your page .

How to add a subpage?

To add a subpage, simply follow the same procedure for adding a page. Mouse hover the page on the menu, You should see the tab "Your page here". Click on it to place your page.

How to add a hidden page?

When adding a new page, check mark  the "Hidden page" box. To edit your hidden pages, click on Page> Edit Page> Choose your hidden page from the list > Click on Save changes (even if you haven’t made any). You will be redirected to your hidden page to edit it.

How to secure a page?

This option is only available to customers subscribed to the Enterprise or E-commerce plans. When adding a new page, go to the "Security" tab and check mark the "I want to secure page" box. You can add and manage your secured pages via your Extranet.


How to create an email address?

To have access to the email service related to offered by WebSelf, you must be registered to one of our 3 plans.

To create an email address, go to your Adminsitration pannel and click on "Email", then you will be able to add, edit or delete an email address.

How to access your email?

After creating an email address, you can access the account in two ways: Through your Extranet or by our WebMail WebSelf.

Your Username is your email in full (e.g.: and your password it the one that you chose when creating the address.

How do I link emails to Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.?

To know  how to link your email addres to an email service provider like Outlook, Thunderbird, etc., go to the Administration pannel and click on "Email". 

At which email adress will I receive messages from the contact form?

By default, the email address set up for your Contact form, is the one that you used to register (e.g.: All your messages are sent to this address. You can change it by clicking on the "Settings" tab of  your Contact module.

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