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Guest book
This module will allow you to add a guestbook to your site. You can use this module to get your visitor’s feedback.

To add a Guestbook module to your website, you will need to click on the Add a module icon, located at the editor's toolbar. Select Guest book.

Note: Everytime you go to the next tab, your changes are saved.

A window will open:

In the Title & Design tab, here are your options:

  1. You can choose to use a title for your module by checking the I want a title box.
     -If you choose to use a title, you will have to type the title in the Title field.
  2. Choose your module's design among the three available. The green check mark shows the selected design.

Settings tab
In the Settings tab, here are your options:
  1. In the Comments validation mode field, choose whether the comment is posted immediatly or after approval.
    By choosing Automatically accept comments, they will be posted as soon as the visitor enters them.
    By choosing Display them after validation, the comment must be approved before showing on your guestbook.
  2. Choose the number of comments per page by using the dropdown window. More comments will be displayed in other pages, you will see the available pages at the bottom of your module. 
  3. Select the mandatory fields that your visitors must fill out in order to leave you a comment: 
      - Nickname: The name or nickname to be displayed.
      - Email address: Allows a visitor to enter an email address. It won't be displayed on your website but it will be available for you in the Comments tab in case you need to contact the visitor. 
      - Website address:  Allows your visitors to enter their website address when leaving you a comment. This address will be displayed on your guestbook.
  4. To add your module, click Add module.

Preview Tab
Your module doesn’t contain any comments yet. Later, you'll see the visitor’s comments in the preview tab.
Once comments have been added, your guestbook will look similar to the sample below:
In the Comments tab, here are your options:

  1. To approve a comment: If you have choosen to approve a comment before being published, change the status to "Online". Then the comment will be published.
  2. To remove a comment, click on the Trash can located at the right of the comment.
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