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Google Calendar
This module allows you to add a calendar to your website via Google Calendar. You can use this module to share an event, to show your availability, etc.
To add a Google Calendar module to your website, click one Add a module, located at the editor's toolbar, then select Google Calendar.
Note: Every time you go to the next tab, your changes are saved.
A window will open:
Settings tab

In the Settings tab, here are your options:

To link a Google Calendar to your website, first you must create a Google Calendar account. To create an account and/or create your calendar, click on the Google Calendar icon.

You will be taken to your Google Calendar account. Then you can create or manage your calendar. If necessary, Google Calendar help is available here.

Once your calendar is created, you must log in to your account by clicking on the Log in to your Google Account button. You must allow WebSelf to access your account by clicking on Allow access.

You will be able to choose your calendar from  the drop-down window.
In the Settings tab, here are your options:
  • Check the Make this calendar public box to make your calendar public, so it can be displayed on your website.
  • On the Week starts on box, from the drop-down menu, choose the first day of the week for your calendar.
  • Check Display the name of your calendar to show the name. You can also uncheck this box and use the module's Title box, located at the Title & design tab.
  • To customize the visual of your calendar, you can choose from a range of options:
    • Outline color of the agenda changes the frame's color around the calendar.
    • Background color changes the background's color of the calendar.
    • Text color refers to the text's (numbers and titles) color on your calendar.
    • Color of today's date is used to make today's date more outstanding.
  • Click on Next Step for more options.
Title & Design tab
In the Title & Design tab, here are your options:

  1.  You can choose to use a title by checking the I want a title box.
     -If you choose to use a title, type it into the field Title.
  2. Choose your module’s design among the three available. The green check mark shows the selected design.
  3. Click on Next Step for more options.

Preview tab
In the Preview tab, here are your options:

  1. To further editing, go back to the appropriate tab.
  2. To add the module to your site, click Add module.
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