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Domain name

A few tricks to help you choose a domain name
A domain name should ideally contain no more than 4 words and no more than 20 characters.

You can separate words in your domain name with hyphens. We try to avoid having more than two hyphens in a domain name. Only letters (a-z), numbers (1-0) and hyphen (-) are accepted. Spaces are not allowed.

Use keywords in your domain name (ex : An appropriate name will help you clarify your topic and the terms used in this name are keywords used by Google and other search engines. In fact, the words in your domain name, even if they are difficult to read with no space between them, will be distinguished from each other by Google. Google's indexers then use these words to promote your visibility on search engines.
Transferring a domain name
When you register, you must choose a domain name. If you already have a domain name, you must transfer it to WebSelf's servers to benefits from our services. Note that you cannot transfer the domain names with an extension referring to a country (e.g. : .uk, .be, .de, .ru, .ca, etc.).

Before registering to WebSelf :

  1. Make sure that before you select "I already have a domain name", you already own a domain name. Meaning that you pay a booking fee at a supplier for the rights to an address like
  2. Log in to your account on your domain name provider's website to unlock the domain name and retrieve the authorization code (Auth code).
  3. Your website needs to fulfil these conditions :
    • It was bought more than 60 days ago.
    • It was renewed more than 45 days ago
    • it is in a .com, .net or .org format
    If the delays aren't met, you will need to wait until the 60 days or 45 days are over before we can transfer your domain.
Registration and transfer :

  1. Upon receiving your transfer authorization code, you can subscribe to WebSelf according to the procedure mentioned above. Following the reception of your registration, our team will launch the process of transferring your domain name. 
  2. After a few days you will receive an authorisation transfer request by email. For the transfer to be over quickly, you must confirm the transfer! If you do not receive the request, contact your domain name supplier.
  3. Once your transfer request is confirmed, the process ends after another 3 to 4 days. The WebSelf team then links your site to your domain name and you can use your domain name as your url address.
Domain name redirection to your WebSelf site

Note: When you want to redirect a domain name to your WebSelf site, you must contact us by ticket in order us to entry the settings. Once this is done, you can perform the redirection according to the procedure below.

A redirection is free. To set it up, you have 3 options:

  • DNS Redirection
  • CNAME Redirection (coming soon)
  • A-Record Redirection (coming soon)
Domain name change
Do you have already a domain name with WebSelf and you want to change it?

It is possible, just contact us by ticket and let us know what your current domain name is and what is the new name that you wish to get.

Note: There is a fee of $19, 95 USD to make the change of domain name. Domain extensions supported by WebSelf  are. Com, .net and .org. 


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