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How to create an anchor link

Here is a simple way to create an "anchor" link in the same page. To do so, you need to create your own link using a Script module.

1.- In the screenshot below, you can see an empty space. In fact this is a Script module that has been added to be used as the "anchor" for the link. The content is invisible to the visitor.


2.- Add a Script module and place it where we want the "anchor" link. The only information to personalise  will is the name of the anchor.

3.- Copy-paste the code below:

<a name="plus"></a>

4.- The word "plus" (on bold) is reserved for the name. Here, you indicate where you want to send the visitor to.


5.- The Text module, becommes our Index.

6.- Click on "HTML" mode.


This is how the code looks in the HMTL mode:

<a href="plus">Add a page</a>

7.- Your "anchor" link has been created. When your visitor clicks on "Add a page", he/she will be brought to the script linked to the word "Plus". 


Note: This is the page we used to illustrate the example: Pages' help



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