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This module will allow you to add a script to your site. This module is for advance users. You can use this module with any HTML or JavaScript code. This will allow you to add a video, album photo, widget or any other element  via a script.

To add a Script module to your website, you will need to click on the Add a module icon, located at the editor's main toolbar, then click on Script.

Note: Every time you go to the next tab, your changes are saved.

Title & Design tab

In the Title & Design tab, here are your options:
  1. You can choose to use a title for your module by checking the I want a title box.
    -If you choose to use a title, you will have to type the title in the Title field.
  2. Choose your module's design among the three available.  The green check mark shows the selected design.
  3. Click on Next Step for more options.
Script tab

In the Script tab, here are your options :
  1. You can write or paste your HTML or JavaScript code.
  2. The field at the top is to place a code that has to be enter between the <body> and </body>tags.
  3. The field at the bottom is to place a code that has to be enter between the <head> and </head>tags.
Once the code is been entered, the window will look like the one below :
The example shows a code that was generated by It allows you to add a video to your website. You can find a code in the description of every YouTube video. Right-click on the video and choose Copy embed code.

Click Next Step for more options.

    Preview tab

    In the Preview tab, here are your options:

    1. To further editing, go back to the appropriate tab.
    2. To add the module to your site, click Add module.
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